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"I believe in you because I love you. There are the right people, there are the wrong people and there are the ones you choose and I chose you, Emma.”

    "I believe in you because I love you. There are the right people, there are the wrong people and there are the ones you choose and I chose you, Emma.”

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    Regina, your gay is showing.

    OMG, I never noticed this before, but the way Regina looks down like she’s looking at Kathryn’s lips gives me a funny feeling in my tummy. She gave Emma the same look outside the mine before Emma went to save Henry. Emma’s reaction was almost the same as Kathryn’s. Kind of unsettled by the feeling but not necessarily in a bad way.

    Yeah Kathryn looks confused yet curious here. I like this.

    I need to read more fics for them

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  • regina mills/the evil queen in every episode » season one, episode two

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    i wish i had a reasonable explanation

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ep Bleeding Through | Regina flawless Mills (4/x)

    ep Bleeding Through | Regina flawless Mills (4/x)

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  • Swan Queen Bread Crumbs, part 3: Horses and Unicorns


    So, when I was watching 3x18 “Bleeding Through” this past Sunday, I was nearly floored when I saw Zelena in Regina’s living room, standing in front of a painting of yet another white horse:image

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    I have mentioned the white horses before, especially the statue in Mayor Mill’s office that we first saw in Season 1. It even prompted me to write a SQ fan fic, Nostos/A Homecoming, based on this early image:image

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    Emma Swan + focusing on Regina’s hands

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  • Greg Mendel said something funny to me
    He said I’m a villain, and that villains don’t
    get happy endings
    .  Do you believe that?

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  • You are the moon that breaks the night (and may I never see the light)

    Author: sinandmisery
    Genre: Supernatural/Romance

    Regina Mills, Queen of the Lycanthrope, has ruled over her kind for more than 100 years. For 75 of those years, the Lycanthrope have been at war with the Vampires, due to an accidental death of Vampire King Leopold while on Lycanthrope territory, an offense violating the 500 year old peace treaty between the two sides. What will happen when she and Emma, progeny of new Vampire Queen Snow, meet?

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  • Noticing things now more than ever…


    So guys… I’ve been studying film for a while now. I’ve taken more than enough classes and shot for films myself KNOWING that camera angles and pans always REVEAL information. Now here..


    When Emma says, “I’m tired of living in the past” and Hook says I know how you feel… we come back to Emma and the camera pans sideways to reveal her family (Snow, Charming, Henry AND REGINA) in her background as Hook walks AWAY.

    It wouldn’t have been significant if the shot was just a close up of Emma’s face when we see her again after Hook says his line, but the shot started like this ..


    And ended like this..


    It clearly follows her eyeline looking and watching him leave but INCLUDES her future happiness. She’s “tired of living in the past”.

    I’m just saying it was intentional camera movement..

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