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My name is Gabby, This is a multi-fandom blog. The fandoms are Supernatural, The X Files, Xena Warrior Princess + Many more

37/Endless Caps Of Regina Mills

36/Endless Caps Of Regina Mills

35/Endless Caps Of Regina Mills

34/Endless Caps Of Regina Mills


R E G I N A M I L L S A P P R E C I A T I O N W E E K (because i missed one of those out there and our queen deserves it)

day 1: favourite persona
day 2: favourite scene
day 3: favourite season 
day 4: favourite heartbreaking moment(s)
day 5: favourite happy moment(s)
day 6: favourite quote(s)
day 7: favourite relationship(s)

notice i added a plural to pretty much all of these so you can let your imagination run wild :) you can make graphics, picspams, gifs, videos, anything really. captions explaining why you chose what you chose are always welcome too. then tag it with #rmaw and with the main regina edit tag #reginamillsedit so everyone can see it ;)

  • RMAW will happen from july 28th to aug 3rd

enjoy, evil regals, and nice editing everyone :)