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My name is Gabby, This is a multi-fandom blog. The fandoms are Supernatural, The X Files, Xena Warrior Princess + Many more

under-the—mo0n replied to your post: lostfairys said:they fucked up bo…

I don’t think Jane is as bad seeing as most of the episodes that happen to be actually decent were written by her.

That’s not what I mean, Her writing is decent it’s the queer baiting that I can’t stand, I really can’t take no more of it. If I see any sex eyes in any of the tv shows I watch in the future between 2 females or 2 males, I’m running for the hills. I don’t want to be trapped in that again. Cause I know it won’t became canon :(

SWAN QUEEN FOOD JOURNEY #5 : Actual Recipe for the Apple Turnover


Hey guys! I’ve been asked to post the actual recipe for the apple turnover by a few people. I hope you enjoy it!

FOOD: Apple Turnover

FIC: Not from a fic, Canon. 1x21 “Apple as Red as Blood”


CONTEXT: “How to get the saviour to taste my forbidden fruit?”


Note: This recipe will make 4 decent sized turnovers. Not the massive one from the show. But hey, if you want to make a giant saviour sized one, go right ahead.



1 - 2 Large Apples (Whatever apple you prefer.)

1/2 cup Vanilla Sugar (recipe is listed here)


1/2 cup white sugar + 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

2 table spoons cinnamon (Or more if you want)

1/2 table spoon nutmeg (optional)

1 cup water


Seriously? You want to do that from scratch? No. No you dont. But if you really want my puff pastry recipe you can send an ask and i’ll write it out for you. Until then, just buy it.

1 pack of puff pastry. Preferably not prerolled.


Step One:

Okay first things first. The apple Regina uses is NOT A HONEY CRISP APPLE.

Seriously, Regina, you had 28 years to learn the different types of apples. 



Dear Regina Mills, 

That is a Red Delicious.

Get your head out of your gorgeous ass.


All the apple farmers of the world.


Take your fake honey crisp apples and cut them up.


Step Two:

Mix the sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and water in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add apples in. Toss them in the liquid and set aside to cool.


Step Three:

SUPER IMPORTANT! Flour your work surface.  Puff pastry is a little difficult to work with since it has a shit ton of butter in it. So you need to work quickly and on a very flour-y surface. It should be a little cold, but still able to be rolled out. Roll it out to about 6”x6” squares. (or like 10” to make that freaking massive Regina Mills sized turnover.)



Step Five:

Layer the apples. I put just enough to cover the surface and to fill a few gaps. If you put too much in, the pastry will be soggy. Remember to leave a 1/2 border to pinch the edges together.


Step Six:

Fold the pastry over and flute the sides with a fork. If the dough isnt sticking together you can use an egg yolk to brush over the inside to ‘glue’ it together.The top will be pretty lumpy from the apples underneath it, but fear not! The pastry will rise and be awesome. Add a few slits on the top to vent the moisture that will escape from the apples.


Optional Step:

You can lightly brush the top of the Turnover with water and sprinkle some sugar on top for that extra crunchy, sugary top.

Step Seven:

Pre heat Oven to 425F . Once Pre-heated, Place it in the oven for 20-25 Minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and crispy.


Step Eight:

Take out turnovers and allow to cool for at least 20 minutes. The inside will be very very hot!



lostfairys said:
they fucked up both Emma and Regina just because their some homophobic pricks who are getting afraid the show will became too gay if they were just to reveal their ACTUAL feelings -.-

I agree and it just ain’t that you see. It’s also because they are bad writers, look at how they written CS & OQ. rushed, doesn’t make sense, just terrible. They do not know how to write a good romance at all.

I think of it this way, I would love for SQ to be canon just like any other SQ shipper, But just think..Do we really want that?

I know I wouldn’t, I know for a fact that they would 100% fuck it up, The Frozen characters are coming to OUAT and already in an interview they talked about how Elsa is going to be a villain, They’re already fucking up her character. I’m super glad that I quit the show for good, And I will never ever watch anything again written by Adam & Eddy and Jane for that matter.

I don’t know about you, But I’m going to fill that void of missing OUAT with the OUAT virtual series. at least there Swan Queen will be ENDGAME and it will be written by far more better writers then A&E.

Please reblog if you wouldn’t act differently around a friend if they came out as bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, or admitted to being trans.


Even if you do not ship my OTP, I will still ship it.

Even if you constantly bash my OTP, I will still ship it.

Even if you write me a fucking novel on why my OTP will never happen, I will still ship it.

Even if one or both sides of my OTP dies, I will still ship it.

Even if my OTP isn’t even endgame, I will still ship it.