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My name is Gabby, This is a multi-fandom blog. The fandoms are Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, The X Files, Xena Warrior Princess + Many more

True love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for, because once you find it; it can never be replaced.


For me, the absolute best part about this scene (besides the evil queen outfit, palpable sexual energy, and fabulous red lips and alluring voice) was Lana’s eyes. You can see the mirth swimming in them with just a bit of the crazy thats consuming her mind and body. You are absolutely captivated by how different this woman is, she literally transports you to a different world. 


Another White Knight post from me.

In the Enchanted Forest the horse is mounted by the White Knight, Emma.  

In Storybrooke there is no rider, because she is walking around in this realm.

The Hooded horse in the bottom picture represents….well Hood. The horse on the right represents Emma.

They place so much emphasis on the horses in many shots, especially Regina’s office, it’s hard to ignore. When Regina is talking to Sidney about finding her happy ending, the horse is in the shot the whole time. Nothing is unintentional on this show and it’s obvious that Emma and Regina are destined to be together.

Emma has always been with Regina.


It was all going well untill I said I was atheist/LGBTQ… then she preceded to block me (after I followed/said “take care”) & give me the definition of “crusades”. (X)

Recieved my first block. A celeb block. I’m ok with that as long as I’m respectful & true to myself. :)

(X) And this is me blocking her..I do not care for bigoted Christians. LGBTQ and Atheist are people too. “God Centered” my ass. and her saying that scene was hot was not okay.

 So i just woke up from a horrendous dream, I had a dream that my brother hacked my Tumblr account, Got all kinds of people pissed off, causing me  to lose followers and had me banned in the process.

Forget about other bad dreams. This is it. THE worst nightmare any fan girl could have.



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